Product classification
I. Technical parameters:
Model Power Oscillation frequency Voltage Input power Oscillation tube Rectifier Max pressure Lower polar plate Moving distance Operation mode
GJR5-Z 5KW 40.68MHZ AC380V 8KVA 7T85 HVP16 1T 500*600 200mm Air pressure
GJR8-Z 8KW 27.12MHZ AC380V 13KVA 3069 HVP16 1T 600*800 200mm Air pressure

It is widely applied for medical treatment, stationery industry: disposable medical bag, bloodbag, album, book cover, document bag, etc. The material includes 30%

Precision slicer, accurate position:

1、With PLC program, the touch screen controls the system, precision position, convenient and easy operation. 2、The internal sensitive sparking device can protect mold and produce the perfect products. 3、he automatic operation can safely control the whole process and reduce the material loss. 4、Automatic collecting device can save labor cost and increase the production outpu 5、Full automatic high frequency thermoform 6、It is accurate to locate with automatic roll feeding material, automatic loose material, automatic precision drawing materials, auto-oriented positioning, automatic heat sealing stereotypes cooling, automatic tear tick edge materials, automatic crimping, etc. It is high sensitivity spark proof protection and process protection. It can reduce the working procedure and save manpower, thus better for batch production.