Product classification
Full-auto and Turntable high frequency welding machine Applications:

1、With the disposable PVC packaging bag heat sealing, YFDZ has the technological innovation.
2、It is used for packing all kinds of stationary, toy, electronic products, blister and embossing for sports shoes cover and widely used for welding packing blister, etc


1、Precision slicer, accurate position;
2、PLC +man-computer interface centralized control, easy parameter placement, high efficiency work and low labor intensity;
3、Feeding stable and tension uniform, servo motor traction and Photoelectric eye tracking, random length
4、Automatic placement card manipulator, positioning precision and adjustable
5、Head outward design fits human engineering to operate conveniently
6、Set the time and speed
7、stable product and good quality

Company operation:High Frequency Machine, High Cycle Machine, High Frequency Thermal Closing Machine, Fully Automatic Series High Frequency Machine, Fully Automatic Turntable Plastic High Frequency Machine, Synchronous Fuse Machine, High Cycle Thermal Closing Machine, Four Column Gantry High Frequency Machine

Company status:hangzhou Yuanfang Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2004. The main technical backbone of the company is the transformation of the former state-owned high-frequency machine enterprise, which has more than 30 years of technical experience.

Equipment technology:All the equipment pictures displayed on the website are independently developed and manufactured by our company's technology department. There are also a large number of technical parameters and pictures of equipment not shown, which can be called or consulted.

Equipment quality:All parts of equipment are purchased through regular channels, using well-known brand suppliers at home and abroad, and major parts manufacturers have cooperated for more than ten years.

After-sale service:The equipment is guaranteed free of charge for one year (GP2.5-J6, GJR-2800 for half a year) and maintenance for life. The company only charges cost fee and door service fee for parts damaged or equipment failure during the warranty period.