Product classification
I. Technical parameters:
Model Power Input Voltage Oscillation frequency Rectifier Operation mode Oscillation frequency Spark tube Spark tube Fixing dimension Upper and lower polar Moving distance Cubic measure Weight
GJR8-D 8KW 16KVA AC380V/3 phase 27.12MHZ Oscillation tube Hydraulic press 7T69RB SCM spark equipment or L5557 600*900 250 200 1000*760*1900 650kg
GJR10-D 10KW 16KVA AC380V/3 phase 27.12MHZ Oscillation tube Hydraulic press E3069RB SCM spark equipment or L5557 600*900 250 200 1000*760*1900 650kg

Simultaneous heat sealing, cutting PET (APET, PETG) plastic cover, sheet, cutting paper cards and plastic cover (such as toothbrush packaging), synthetic leather products, automotive leather chairs, sun visor, with internal cloth material, footwear, watches, belt, CD bags, trademarks and so on.
Get welded and cut at the same time. The product is not only good looking but also labor saving.


The device can simultaneously heat seal and trim which can save a complicated process, save time, save labor and save materials.
Working pressure: 0.8T-20T adjustable seat cushions, electrical appliances, leathers, trade mark ,shoes, watchband, belt, packing bag of electric-wares,purse and sunlight-proof board of cars.

Company operation:High Frequency Machine, High Cycle Machine, High Frequency Thermal Closing Machine, Fully Automatic Series High Frequency Machine, Fully Automatic Turntable Plastic High Frequency Machine, Synchronous Fuse Machine, High Cycle Thermal Closing Machine, Four Column Gantry High Frequency Machine

Company status:hangzhou Yuanfang Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2004. The main technical backbone of the company is the transformation of the former state-owned high-frequency machine enterprise, which has more than 30 years of technical experience.

Equipment technology:All the equipment pictures displayed on the website are independently developed and manufactured by our company's technology department. There are also a large number of technical parameters and pictures of equipment not shown, which can be called or consulted.

Equipment quality:All parts of equipment are purchased through regular channels, using well-known brand suppliers at home and abroad, and major parts manufacturers have cooperated for more than ten years.

After-sale service:The equipment is guaranteed free of charge for one year (GP2.5-J6, GJR-2800 for half a year) and maintenance for life. The company only charges cost fee and door service fee for parts damaged or equipment failure during the warranty period.